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Trust the process.

While Waiting is a single-player story and exploration game which utilises one single space to reveal a fascinating story to you, the player. You play as Henry, a young man who revisits his old life to find out things he never wanted to find out. You will help him to find his way through his various mental stages. The story for the game is written by Rebecca Gao. The voices of Dena Darvish Derakhshan and Jennifer Will and others make it a unique adventure for everyone.

Words from the writer:

The making of "While waiting" was a process of creating a puzzle where the task of putting all the pieces back together became the reward in of itself. To tell the tale of a single individual's life through small fragments were both a challenge and a true joy. I, as the writer, hope that you get to know Henry and explore and grow alongside him. Remember - trust the process.



Linux builds are tested on Ubuntu 20.04


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$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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WhileWaitingReleaseLinux 234 MB
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An impressive game. I can only recommend this.

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Very atmospheric! liked the story

On linux running ./WhileWaiting.sh -vr starts up fine but the menu is cropped and doesn't respond to mouse input anywhere in the window, presumably the input coordinates are messed up. Not sure if you're supposed to see vr controllers to use in the menu but I don't see any.

Hey haagch,

the game is not tested for vr on linux. I was tested with an Oculus Rift on a Windows 10 machine. Maybe we can reprocude the error there aswell. Is it playable if you use the mouse to navigate the menu. Also Vr controllers are sadly not supported. We want to inprove this in the future.

Best regards


The menu doesn't react to mouse clicks anywhere in the window. (But it works fine in non-VR mode).

It may only be the menu that's problematic. Would it be possible to make the menu work with keyboard (arrowkeys + enter)?

Sure, we can work on a patch for that

First thing, I am Guatemalan so I am using a translator for this. Sorry for the meaningless or wrong words.

This game is amazing! I love everything. And if I'm honest, I'd like to start uploading videos to my YouTube channel; I will do English - Spanish translations and I would like to translate your game and upload it to Youtube. Will you give me permission? You are great for making this game uwu

Sure, go ahead! I'd love that. If you want me to, I can put your video on the game page.

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¿¡Oh en serio!? ¡Estaría muy agradecido por eso! (Lo siento por responder hasta hoy, estaba traduciendo y editando la traducción del juego. En unos momentos subo el Uwu vídeo)


thank you for this thought provoking art. also proof that amateur voice acting is better than none!

Thank you for the review, glad you liked it.

Didn´t work:

Der Prozedureinsprungspunkt "CreateDXGIFactory2" wurde in der DLL "dxgi.dll" nicht gefunden.

Tested with Win7 Prof. 64 Bit.

Hey LordSaber,

Thank you for reporting the bug. We'll try to find a permanent fix for this. In the meantime you can try these steps:

1. Go to the While waiting data folder and search for "dxgi.dll". If you can find it, delete it.

2. Go to your system32 folder and get the "dxgi.dll" file from there to paste it as an replacement for the other one in the game folder.

3. If the replacement did not work, rename the file to d3d11.dll


Can I play this without vr?

Hey Darkside008, you do not have to use a vr headset. It works for pc as well. Headset is tested though.


While Waiting is an atmospheric, narrative lesson that, in life, hasty decisions can cost you dearly. Gameplay is simple but effective, resembling a point-and-click style adventure where new fragments of the story are revealed by clicking on hotspots. The game isn’t long, clocking in at about 15 minutes, but the story and atmosphere together are powerful enough to keep the player engaged to the conclusion. While Waiting is a linear experience, so there’s little reason to play again after finishing, but it’s engaging while it lasts. 

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Hey Jack, thank you for playing and for the review. We hope to improve regarding the replay value.

Best regards


This is a cool little game, very good job. Sorry of the silliness in some of the more serious parts. :P

Thank you a lot for playing, we'll check it out!